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"Capricorn talking"

That’s so me hahaha!!!!

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I decide what best for them and who replace you?

Yes! I invited you to the group.  That few months with you was fucking having negative vibes for everyone especially me.  Ever since you were in that group, all you did was sit down and pretend that you’re better that anyone else.  HOW PRETENTIOUS YOU ARE!!! All those rude things that you did to them was unacceptable including calling me a bitch behind my back. Honestly, what did I do to you to call me a bitch?? 

Liar like you don’t believe you.  APPRENTICE?? who told you that? I never tell who’s my apprentice.  Plus, I treat everyone as equal.  I don’t have favorites.  Meaning, everyone is my apprentice.  So don’t call yourself that you moron.   Also, those sickness that you had.  ALL LIES!!!  And you own a company?  Really, do you have a company?? Why you can’t pay us $5 dollars for renting a studio and telling us you have your own company and you don’t any money everytime I ask you?? Everyone is not stupid you know!! Seriously, just tell everyone the truth about you 

Who replace you? Yes! Everyone is replaceable. However, in this situation, crew is growing more dancers.  Yet, Replacing you??  I don’t replace someone position in this group.  I know I have small members, but I know that you just want to come back to this group!! And I decided not take you back because YOU’RE JUST FUCKING TOO MUCH TO HANDLE!! To handle, I mean a guy like you who gave a lot of chances and you’re still fucking like that…….I don’t think so dumbass!!

You know what?? I already know that you just making me feel bad about myself replacing you, but I’M JUST LAUGHING RIGHT NOW… I’m not guilty about it…YOU’RE JUST FREAKING PRETENTIOUS AND RUDE!!  You can call me a bitch, but let me tell you this, everyone know who’s a better person in this whole story of ours and in fact, it’s not you.

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